SERC Chile Solar Energy

The program’s orientation is towards increasing understanding of both teachers and students that the Sun is our planet’s main source of energy and it manifests itself in multiple ways.

The program is organized in three modules – Thermal, Photovoltaic and Hybrid. Each module encourages investigation, experimenting and learning about solar energy by using diverse technological resources which allow us to use this energy in our daily life.

In 2019 began the implementation of the program in the I and XV regions through training 40 teachers and producing the classroom teaching materials for 20 schools.

The creation and development of this program has been possible thanks to a working alliance between SERC Chile and PROED.



“I have felt very motivated with the material, you can implement it with the children and it is very close to their daily life. The methodology allows us to reflect on how what they learn is linked to their community and environment. Now we have more tools to teach them. Here it is the student who is in charge of their own learning”

Grisel Castillo – Teacher at  Liceo Antonio Varas de la Barra, Arica

“This Kit undoubtedly facilitates the teacher, it delivers a clear line of work, ready experiments, practical and simple material, well structured. Without a doubt it will benefit our students, it will allow them to develop their scientific thinking, deepen their knowledge in science. From the inquiry, children discover, explore and develop skills and in this way the learning they achieve is deeper “

Nicolás Campos – Teacher at Leonardo Da Vinci school