From the Mountains to the Sea

This program provides a comprehensive support system to improve science learning, in line with Ministry of Education curriculum and objectives, for elementary, and high school science classes. Carried out in 33 schools of the IV region, with a participation of 80 teachers and benefitting 11,500 students. Many schools participated and earned honors in the regional and national Explora science fairs.

This program focused on teaching about the interdependent relations between living beings and the processes in the environment, encouraging responsibility for the environment and sustainable development.
It promoted integral learning and the transversal science capacity to crossover to other school subjects. The program includes teacher training, virtual and field monitoring, kits of materials, evaluations and science fairs.

Each participating school incorporated the program to the PME (Educational Improvement Plan). Starting in 2008 new technologies were incorporated to allow immediate evaluation processes, as well as, a test school for parents.