In order to reach different geographical points and support decentralizing education, Proed has created itinerant and interactive exhibitions such as Journey Inside the Earth and Universum. They approach and illustrate, respectively, the world of Earth Sciences and Astronomy.

Teachers are first trained to monitor their students during the visit. Its attractive design and innovative audiovisual and graphic materials invite the active participation of visitors. There are games, experiments and information; all arranged in a friendly, attractive and playful manner.
The exhibits are easily built, so they have been shown throughout the country in different museums, universities and towns.


Installed in Regions II-IV-VIII and Santiago Metro region, 600 teachers participated.

Journey inside the Earth

Installed in Regions I-II-IV-VIII-IX-XI regiones and Santiago region. 300 teachers participated and 120.000 students attended.

Teaching Rooms

  • Museum of Natural History
  • Museum of the Araucanía (Temuco)
  • Cañete Museum
  • Municipality of La Pintana

In line with the new trends in education, Proed, since 1995, has supported modernization of teaching-learning processes. Today, informal education incorporates learning experiences beyond the classroom as a relevant factor for learners’ growth and development.
This is how Museums, in their modernization, conceived delivering information in an entertaining, playful way, games and direct experience are incorporated and it becomes appealing for the visitor to interact with the information.
Proed has developed Didactic Rooms in many museums throughout Chile, covering themes ranging from the biodiversity of Chile with its flora and fauna, to historical and cultural themes. Municipalities have also undertaken modernization and support of education by incorporating these didactic rooms in their buildings.

Museum of Natural History